Dear David Brock, get well soon because I’m blowing the whistle on a spam ring and it involves your baby, ShareBlue.

Who is David Brock and what’s ShareBlue? For those of you out of the political loop, David Brock founded the progressive media watchdog group Media Matters for America. Brock was also credited as an integral member to Hillary Clinton’s failed 2016 presidential bid. Not only was Brock involved in Hillary’s 2016 disaster, but Brock was active in her failed 2008 presidential bid as well. In short, David Brock is a loser by the very definition of the word.

In adherence to Reddit’s site wide rules, I blocked out any identifying user information. The Images below are all domain links submitted to Reddit in the past month. I tagged ten individual Share Blue spammers, each with their own color indicator.

shareblue share blue share blue

David Brock only recently staked this latest claim in new media. In an effort to combat conservative sites such as Breitbart, David Brock created a liberal counter dubbed, ‘ShareBlue’. Prior to SB, David Brock oversaw the controversial Super PAC ‘Correct The Record’.

Last year, a Democratic Party-affiliated super PAC called ‘Correct the Record’ launched a digital campaign in an attempt to influence the narrative on social media. In essence, Correct the Record’s mission was steering conversation on social media to favor Hillary Clinton. This was a reaction to Hillary Clinton’s online support, which was too paltry to compete with rising conservatives. ‘Correct the Record’ was Brock’s brain child to fill that void. In all, CTR tricked people into thinking that Hillary Clinton had more organic support online than she actually did. Countless bots and low wage employees would smear Hillary’s opponents and scramble sensible discussions about her flaws.

The Democratic Party is continuing this online manipulation with ShareBlue, as an arm of the same group. ShareBlue knows Reddit is most susceptible to shady tactics like Astroturfing, spamming and vote manipulation… ShareBlue’s most recent blunder gives credence to the theory that the direction of the Reddit hivemind is being guided by paid forces. Will Reddit admins disavow? I have seen domains completely blacklisted from Reddit in entirety for much less damning evidence.

Just take a look at the top 5 posts for

*Note from the editor: The picture above was taken after we realized that there are at least 14 spammers on Reddit. If you would like to see this information for yourself, feel free to check out the domain on reddit.




  • TheAhmedClockCompany

    reddit is and has been a sewer nozzle for the alt-left.
    certain subreddits excepted.
    the reddit front page has been a manipulated, libtard cesspool for many years.

    don’t waste your valuable time on reddit.

  • PapayaSF

    Good work!

  • CandidHammer

    Just FYI, I’m what you would call a “liberal,” in that I think Trump is an incompetent buffoon and incidentally also human garbage.

    I’m also a Reddit user who frequents r/politics. And I’m happy to see ShareBlue outed for this practice. Speaking of garbage, ShareBlue isn’t a respectable source of news; to my knowledge they don’t do any reporting. It’s a click bait factory — which is why it gets traction on r/pol: the headlines are written to elicit an emotional response, and they’re relatively effective. (I suspect that most upvoting happens in response to headlines, not after the article is read.)

    I doubt they’ll be missed if/when the spamming is stopped. I always prefer to see the piece that contains the original reporting; it’d be nice if reddit could enforce a rule that requires linked articles to contain original reporting. It would be good for journalism and good for consumers. And it would vastly improve political subs.

    • Harry

      Perhaps the fact that you visit /r/Politics is the reason that you believe that Trump is “an incompetent buffoon”. Everything on that sub is trump bashing, which drives conservatives out, further promoting Trump bashing, and allowing it to continue on, without anyone to call people out.

      As a political sub, /r/Pol is trash. It has an incredibly left-leaning swing, which promotes hate against Trump. Even the way their titles are written shows this. Look at the articles posted, and their ‘papers’. On /r/Politics they are all incredibly ‘liberal’. Not only is information often published there incorrect, but its spin, often, especially in the titles, helps to promote confirmation bias. Take a look at the top posts of all time, and you will see outlets like The Washington Post, Buzzfeed, the Huffington Post, The Independent and Vox. The bias is there. Do not think that you get there is necessarily factual, nor unbiased. Many of the articles may even be factual, but the story is a lie. For example take the article on Vice about Climate Change being removed from the Whitehouse site. Everything was removed on the whitehouse site when Trump took office – the old site is archived, and the new one is put up with no content. This ‘story’ is one of the top of all time posts on /r/politics.

      You are completely correct in that “most upvoting happens in response to headlines, not after the article is read”. I remember about a year ago, a post hit and sat on /r/All claiming “Russia bans the Church of Scientology” and I had friends telling me about it, and people posting about it on Facebook. The actual story was city in Russia had shut down a ‘Church’, and nothing of the like. Clickbait titles are read, and people believe that they are being informed by reading them.

    • “Just FYI, I’m what you would call a “liberal,” in that I think Trump is an incompetent buffoon and incidentally also human garbage.”

      Yup, so incompetent he created 50,000 more jobs than you, hundreds of more companies, and has a better startup record than Elon Musk.

      But keep swallowing and parroting all the lefttarded propaganda. It is working out swimmingly for the regressive left.

      • CandidHammer

        im sure it is an abiding comfort to you to think that anyone who has a negative opinion of Trump has arrived at that opinion because they’re brainwashed by the media.

        I’m what you would call a “liberal” because I think Trump is human garbage — not because I actually am a liberal.

        In fact, I’m a passionate capitalist and lifetime small businessman. I’m what a conservative used to be before they started nominating nitwits and insisting that science is a waste of time — ignoring the fact that our post-war investment in science is what created the America that Trump & Co. are so keen to return to.

    • Mark D

      Thanks for the comment. Just FYI, I’m a conservative and I think it’s ok that we believe differently! Shouting at and insulting each other has never changed anyone’s opinion—not sure why some immediately respond that way. It’s nice to hear from a liberal leaning person that can see through this garbage though. Hopefully there are many others out there like you. Have a good one! 🙂

      • CandidHammer

        That’s refreshing! Thank you.

        My lack of respect for Trump stems especially from his habit of stiffing contractors (it shocks me that this bothers so few conservatives — after all, contracting is among the most common ways that Americans start small businesses. Nobody who ever risked everything to start a business could behave in business how Trump has behaved for 40 years) and because despite spending plenty of time in locker rooms and among guys, I’ve never known anyone to brag about sexually assaulting women. I’ve heard them brag about lots of things, but never that. And anyone who thinks that’s worthy of bragging about should ever have this country’s respect. History will not be kind to Trump supporters.

    • Jason Mounce

      Liberals who think themselves rational by believing that a person who could become President can be an ‘incompetent buffoon’ are quite honestly a brainwashed dimwit. If becoming a PRESIDENT of a country, and at that, without being supported by celebrities, special interests, donors, rich foreign leaders, giant corporations, wall street like Hillary was – where she wasted $1.3 Billion dollars and still lost to Trump, she had EVERYONE BACKING HER, the Deep State, everything. Trump had himself, his family, and tiny donors from Common people sending tiny amounts, little dribbles of money to support him.

      This shows 2 things. One? He is more savvy than you give credit for, as he became President under-budget, while being hated by everyone. Liberals gave him more Winning-points by underestimating him every single time. Two, it shows that based on who gave his campaign small amounts of money? That it derived from low-income and middle-income families, small businesses, while Hillary had large donors from celebs and giant companies, rich people shilling for her, that means he was supported by The People.

      The last thing I have to tell you, Candid, if you at least read this, remain civil, composed and calm, is that I’d let you know I’m a Canadian, I’m a Centric, I voted for Justin Trudeau, so I ain’t biased – but I think it’d be healthier for you to take a red pill and one way you can start? Is to look up Scott Adams and his translation of Trump, his observations of Trump, he’s the creator of Dilbert, is a really smart guy and if you listen to his convincing arguments of how Trump continuously sets himself to win and never lose? You may just be salvageable from the Liberal brainwashing. Scott Adams brilliantly describes and explains and conveys what Trump is doing so those unfamiliar with his mannerisms, can understand some of the complexities of his actions.

    • RON

      Buffoons don’t create Billion Dollar companies. People who keep voting for IDIOTS (Dem and Republican) that give us 20 Trillion in debt are buffoons. Trump closed down a Y2K program the other day, 17 years since the day it became operational, THIS IS NOT GOOD GOVERNANCE.

      Climate Change is idiotic drivel. You actual believe the 97 percent, but the STUDY” has been debunked by the same scientists whose papers were falsified by this guy, the actual agreement is 1.6 percent, not 97 percent.

      But of course you have no clue about that because you just repeat what you are told.

      • keepitreal904

        Man-made climate change is a joke. If the elites truly thought the seas were rising and coastlines would be flooded, why do people and companies continue to invest billions on beachfront development if said development is supposed to be gone in 20-30 years? Why would anyone want to develop anything on an island in the middle of the ocean if that island is to be swallowed up soon?

    • Patrick Reardon

      >Just FYI, I’m what you would call a “liberal,” in that I think Trump is an incompetent buffoon and incidentally also human garbage.

      The second you label someone “human garbage” is the second you lose credibility. Are there bad people in the world? Yes. But no one person is JUST bad or JUST good. People are grey, and only children think of others in such black and white terms as “human garbage”. I’ve also often found that those screaming about how good they are are actually the worst people. Your statement is particularly funny to me because Trump is a man with a good heart and good intentions under a mask of bravado. He wants criminals to stop murdering people. He wants the average person to work hard and live a decent life. He wants people to realize their own potential and capitalize on it. Yet these values make him “human garbage”.

      You are a child.

  • Steve Hoffman, otherwise known as “swallowing progressive ladyboy” gave ShariahBlue permission to infect what used to be a halfway decent website.

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