Whether or not liberals will own up to it, the left has been in a downward spiral since November 8. After Trump’s historic win, leftists and Democrats alike have refused to take accountability for their embarrassing loss. Instead, they spew totally unfounded claims of Russian interference on the election and the supposed racist nature of the entirety of mainland America for voting Trump. Get real!

Leftists don’t realize they lost because their party ran the most corrupt candidate in history. Leftists don’t realize their party has been ignoring the average, working citizen in favor of the elite for decades now. Instead of using an ounce of self-awareness and recognizing their errors, they project onto others. Leftists only fall deeper into their twisted caricatures, making a total mockery of what liberalism once was.

There’s no doubt we’re in the midst of a culture war. The left fights for total political correctness, to control speech and thought and limit the spectrum of “acceptable debate”. The right fights for the opposite – the freedom to say and think what you feel and the outright refusal to censor anything based on feelings. To the left, daring to hold a different viewpoint from theirs automatically discredits you. If you dare to dissent against them, you’re barred from even debating with leftists because you’re wrong; why would they waste their precious time debating such a racist, xenophobic dullard like you? Therein lies the problem!

Leftists are quick to shout “fascist” or “bigot” against those who disagree with them. However, if they attempt to stifle discussion and willingly label others based on political ideology, what does that make them? We may be in the throes of a culture war but here’s why the low energy left will never win it…

1. Their inability to take jokes and complete lack of humor

It’s a fact, the left loves to bully people. Just take YouTube superstar Pewdiepie as an example. At 50 million subs and branching into more experimental content, easily offended Internet users became enraged over one of his videos. In short, Pewdiepie paid an Indian duo on Fiverr to hold up a sign that said “Death To All Jews”. To Pewd’s bemusement, the duo actually went through with it and produced a video of the two of them holding the sign and reading what was written on it. Here are two good videos detailing the entire debacle I recommend watching if you’re interested.

Was it immature and lowbrow? Absolutely. However, satire – (which this is) – is a shining hallmark of the First Amendment; America’s inalienable right to unhindered freedom of expression. Still, even with that, the Internet collectively exploded in furor. Pewdiepie’s reputation was run through the mud and clickbait headlines skewered the situation away from the actual reality of what had happened. Jontron, another popular YouTuber, decided to merely share his opinions over the current state of the world and drew massive ire from it.

Both of these personalities are rational, intelligent and open to debate their viewpoints. However, they were both ostracized by the mainstream media. Notably, The Wall Street Journal wrote several hit pieces on Pewdiepie’s “antisemitism”. To add, the WSJ has a mere 2 million subscriber base compared to Jontron’s 3 million and Pewdiepie’s massive 53. Ancient, dinosaur publications like the WSJ need to mind who they push around. In the era of new media, they’re out of their element.

Conversely, as Pewds and Jontron face backlash, we have Sarah Silverman joking about molesting children…

…and getting rewarded by speaking at the DNC. George Takei grabbed someone by the genitals…

…and then claimed he was offended over President Trump’s “pussy grabbing” remarks. It simply doesn’t work like that. You aren’t allowed to hold the moral high-ground when it benefits you and shuck it when it would oppose you. That’s just what the liberal left does, though. The hypocritical, bipolar nature of the left is both unparalleled and nonsensical.

2. Their feelings-based narratives

The liberal left operates on feelings, not facts. Instead of looking at statistics and numbers, they’ll opt instead to take the emotive route… because that’s all they have! To put it bluntly, reality only hinders a leftist’s narrative and that’s why most of them are utterly deluded. The Women’s March in January is a prime indicator of this.

In the name of equality, masses of marchers descended on DC and bemoaned the Trump administration for its supposed anti-woman, anti-gay, anti-everything stance.

Liberals don’t like to remember this moment because it shatters their feelings-based narrative!

At the end of the day, when equality was apparently achieved and everyone went home, the marchers picked up their belongings and trash… except they didn’t.

Pictured: garbage abandoned by the same people who champion the importance of environmentalism and climate change.

Again, the hypocrisy is staggering. If you can’t walk the walk, you certainly can’t talk the talk. That’s what the left doesn’t get. Marching and protesting for equality, they left their garbage for other people to pick up – is that really fair? To a liberal, I guess it is.

Overall, facts don’t care about the left’s feelings. Identity politics only serve to divide and focus unneeded attention on non-issues. The nation’s infrastructure is crumbling, homelessness is an epidemic, our border is non-existent but let’s spend our outrage on whatever the news channels are telling us to be angry about instead. Bottom line: America needs help. Americans need help. No matter any preconceived slights, we must unite against the brainwashing, establishment-backed propaganda mainstream media that is hellbent on ruining President Trump’s administration before it even begins.

3. Their everlasting alliance with the State

Trust in the mainstream media is lower than ever. The same goes for our politicians. Our government and elected officials have proven time and time again they do not have our best interests in mind but instead work for multi-billion corporations and lobbyists. What can you expect when money has not just proliferated our political process but completely rules it? The liberal left must see no problem with the government… To preach against the widening income inequality gap or abhorrent minimum wage – yet still willing to stand behind the crony, political swamp our government system has become.

Leftists refuse to understand that the “entertainers” on the television screen aren’t their friends. Trevor Noah and John Oliver are not simply espousing their personal views, they’re espousing the views of whoever is paying them – Viacom and HBO, respectively. Liberals still lap up the swill, though, and will proudly repeat it to anyone willing to listen.

It’s a sad, broken state of affairs…

No matter how high and mighty the liberal left may act, their self-inflated egos are not indicators of reality. Their movement is violent and far from organic. Their arguments are deluded and based on emotions. When you have to pay shills to fight your argument for you, it’s a good sign that you’re on the losing side. Overall, the Democratic party and the DNC solidified the harrowing and embarrassing defeat of leftists.

The headline focuses on Brazile’s “regret” but ignores that Clinton knowingly cheated. The DNC supported and bet on the most corrupt, unethical candidate they possibly could’ve; therefore, pro-Clinton Democrats and liberals did, too. This errant side-stepping of the real issue will never heal the Democratic party. Accept and move on from the fact that Hillary Clinton just wasn’t the right candidate.

Only when liberals and Democrats take accountability will their party ever have a chance of pulling an about-face and coming back to champion the people, not the elite class. 

Until then? Good luck!


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