Grassroots opposition? Eh, not so much. In fact, America is warming to Trump.

Is Google Trends a useful tool for Google? Or does Google Trends conflict the parent company’s globalist agenda? We know leadership at Google fought to elect Hillary. But time and again we discover Google Trends search terms where Trump outperforms Hillary. Does this embarrass Google?

The thorn in Google’s side continues to irritate, because Google trends continues to debunk the media narrative. Most mainstream outlets report that Trump faces huge opposition from grassroots activists. In reality, Trump does not have as much “resistance” as the media claims. My research shows this.


First, I wanted to check up on the most avid Hillary Clinton supporters. To be honest, I’ve grown concerned for them. Their interpretation of a “peaceful” transition has been both sad and pathetic.

If you are ‘still with her’,  please get well soon!im still with herOuch. Looks the Hillary loyalists have all abandoned ship.

Next I investigated search interest for ‘Trump protest’. As you see below, there are two peak moments where search volume surged. Once, after the election results, and again around the inauguration. trump protest Many searches for ‘Trump Protest’ may be from Trump fans, or curious citizens who want to see what the fuss is about. An activist is more likely to plan for the future than observe the current news cycle, so I searched again for ‘Next Trump Protest’.

next trump protest

Obviously, the loss of interest in “next Trump protest” isn’t quite as severe. However, there is a drop.

There are of course many people who hate Trump, yet won’t necessarily protest (or drive to a polling booth for that matter). These people may search a term like ‘Fuck Trump’. Surely these folks must still be foaming at the mouth to hate on Trump, right?


Looks like many anti-Trump talking points are falling flat. The public simply isn’t as engaged in hating him as the media and DNC may pretend. Let’s take a look at a few more liberal attack strategies.

And before this article drifts further into ‘failing pile of garbage territory’ (looking at you Buzzfeed), let’s put a pretty bow on this package before clicking publish.

My point is that Americans are growing tired of the 24/7 media panic and partisan politics in general. The massive wet dream of a country divided is simply corporate media fan fiction. They collectively salivate at the the thought of revolution, which seems less likely than a surprise Bernie win in April.

Put simply, America is sick of unhinged political psychosis and I just happen to have Google Trends to support this.

Not once in Google Trends history has the search term ‘sick of politics’ been as trendy as the current year.

im sick of politics


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